Sweden the new nazi land?

Today it is a very sad day for Sweden, a really really sad day! I guess you all wonder why, and might think did someone die? Well no, no one died but my trust for my own country just did! yesterday it was our political election in Sweden, and people made there voice heard and selected our new government, which I’m not really happy with. I mean our old prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt made Sweden one of the most stable corners of Europe, even though Europe has a struggled with the economy. But that is not my biggest problem, my biggest problem is that over 13 percent of the swedish people voted at a parti called the Sweden/swedish Democrats which is awful. The Sweden democrats are a right-wing populist and anti-immigration political party in Sweden, and was founded in 1988 by the swedish nazis. They describe them self as social conservative with a nationalist foundation. But the truth is that they are a racist and xenophobic party, Where minorities get abused and their human rights are taken away from them. For exemple they do not want homosexual people to have the right to get married and get their own family, Isn’t that a human right to choose? To be honest i’m afraid that Sweden starts to look more like Russia, maybe not to 100 percent but still. Well you can go on your own and read more about it ( Read here) 10695259_10152741664809314_1300107636_nBut I’m gonna keep rocking my life, and fight for a better Sweden and a better world.

There’s no reason to show your sad face

It really sucks to be home again, back to the cold, dark and boring swedish autumn weather!
To be honest right now i’m so sad, I really don’t want to be here right now, I mean Sweden do not have that kind off city feeling and the cool character which New York have.
But as I use to say in swedish ” det är inget att hänga läppen över!”. Hahaha which means there is no reason to show your sad face”, You just have to look forward and keep thinking positiv!
But now more about the trip! And what can I say, I mean there is so many things I wanna tell all you guys about but it’s just to much. But over all I think I have to say that this vacation to NYC was better then then my first time because we didn’t get into any problem, everything just went so smooth!
And I am so glad that I did this trip because we have seen so many cool people and almost everyday we walked by places there they were filming for movies and other stuff. Actually we got stuck in the middle off a reality serie series at a restaurant. It was kinde of annoying at first but then when we understood what actually happened it was just so fun. The only sad thing is that I don’t know which series it was but well all publicity is good publicity haha.

One more cool thing is that I actually got asked to be in a street photoshoot so of course I did it, and it wasn’t that kinde off a big deal but still fun!carlos davidHere’s one picture from the photoshoot i got into 🙂 To be honest I don’t like this picture that much, look tired but what ever.

Last day in New York

Hi Guys, i guess you all wonder why you haven’t heard of me in the past day?

Im right now in New York City and having the time off my life, I don’t want to go home, i love this place so much. I can’t get enough off all these amazing buildings and of course all the shopping to.

But to be honest I feel kind of depressed because it is my last day here in NYC, tomorrow i’m going home, back to Sweden…. 😦

But who know, I thinking about to move to NYC next year, I have been visiting Pace university which was great, I loved it! So I thinking about to send a application and maybe start next year 🙂

Alright, now I got to get out off this hotel room and spend my last hours in the best city ever!IMG_1319 IMG_1321 IMG_1324There will come more pictures soon, so stay tuned

Iggy Azalea pretending to be Nicki Minaj

If you’re a fan of Iggy Azalea and have a good humor then you have to see this video, it’s so hilarious 🙂 I really admire the guy that made this video and the whole script, it couldn’t have been easy to write it!
The best part is when Iggy turn in to Nicki Minaj, (oops spoiling) and that’s probably the truth, some times she reminds me so much off Nicki Minaj, but Nicki Minaj will always be the number one rapper 😉


Crazy dreaming

God morning y’all!

Isn’t it just a great day, at least here in swede. I just woke up and hade the best dream ever, it was about me and my boyfriend, and well I can’t really tell you what is was about haha but it was so romantic, All I can say is that it was about our NYC trip haha.

Oh yeah by the way guys on monday I’m going to freaking New York City (CRAZYYYY). Well got to drag my self up and go to work…

So all of you bitches who’s still in bed, sleep tight !



I’m probably the luckiest guy in the whole world!

Haha I might be overreacting but I really think I am . I mean it’s only 29 days until me, my boyfriend and two of our friends are going to NYC. It’s gonna be so much fun and I have been there before so this time we will know the city better.

I know its sick but i’m already ”resesjuk” as we call it in Sweden, which means that you’re already over excited haha. But to be honest I’m kind of nervous about our hotel. Not to be rude but in USA or at least New York the hotels don’t have the best condition even if it is expensive. But we found a really nice hotel, with nice pictures and it was built in 2010 so that’s really good for a hotel in NYC.

IT’S GOING TO BE SO FUN !Guestroom3 Kitchen Lobby SkylineIMG_5137-768x1024-2

Here’s a picture from the last time I went to NYC at my favorit restaurant (tai Thai) in East village.
If there is some one that’s been at this hotel before, write a comment :)!



Welcome to Sweden

Good Morning guys, hope you slept well, or maybe your a sleep right now 😉

But what ever, it’s 11 a clock here in sweden and the weather couldn’t be better. It’s so hot here right now I’m almost boiling but hey why complain?So the plans for today aren’t that much, and to be honest we(Me and my boyfriend) don’t even got any haha. But some friends will come here and just chill with us so that will be really fun.

Well can’t write any more have to work on my tan 😉

10559254_10152606576684314_1989826884_n 10563543_10152606576689314_1403300237_n 10564591_10152606576669314_2111571096_n


Did you know that over 80% of all homosexual men in Sweden have some time been bullied because of their sexuality?

That’s sick but it’s not the only terrible numbers, according to  the swedish LGBT news magazine (www.gaybladet.se) there are over 37% of homosexuall men between 13-18 that have been trying to kill them self  because of bulling. 

And thats not even the end of it all, for lesbians it’s quite the same number but for transsexual people there are Twice as many people that have been trying to kill them self.

All these numbers just get’s me sick and of course sad but most of all angry. I mean we all are born on this planet to be who we are and there are no one in the whole world that has the right to judge you.

But I know it is hard, it really is, and I know there is so many stupid people with no IQ, both young and old people. I  been through that many times but I had to learn how to control it. As a homosexual man you going to be called fag, freak and so on, but believe me it will get easier. You ”just” have to learn to take these words as nothing, as empty words, like words with no meaning in it.  Because you can’t go your hole life and think about it.

Of Course I don’t mean that we should stop fighting for our rights, absolutely not! What I mean is that we have to learn to prioritize on what we want to lay our energy on. For example there is no meaning to care about a stupid homophobic comment.

instead we have to fight against the bigger words thats are against us in the global society, fight fore equality and for a better life 



Okay so as I understand all of you guys must wonder who I am. I mean who’s not interesting in a hot and handsome swedish guy with blonde hair and blue eyes.. right?

No but seriously now!

My name is Gustav Åkerblom from Sweden and well what can I say I’m a LGBT activist who’s fighting for all kinds of equality because I believe that everybody should be treated the same way.

On this blog you can read about my life as a homosexual teenager from the small town Eskilstuna in Sweden and how I’m trying to do the best of my life even though I been through some stuff that no one should have.

And by the way I love New York City which I think you already understood 😉


Hope you understand my english, remember english is my second language!